Future: Re-imagined

Architecture in Perspective Themed Category for the International Competition

Great architectural illustrations have the power of innovation and seduction. They present new alternatives for unbuilt spaces, allow us to dream of a better way of living and they jumpstart conversations about the future without the need for a single word.

Throughout history, Architectural illustrations and the imagery of new environments have been the perfect medium to test unique ideas and present questions that challenge the establishment and shake established norms. From Boulleé and Ledoux’ Utopian drawings of the XVII century, to the future of cities presented by Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright, to the Techno Utopias from Archigram and Archizoom, and the futuristic cities imagined in film by Syd Mead; Architectural imagery has allowed us to understand and feel a new reality, question how we can leave the Earth in a better place and tell the story of a space that is only present in our imagination as an extension of the static image presented.

After an unprecedented year that has challenged the very essence of urban living and social interaction, we’ve been presented with a series of questions that make us wonder about the future of our habitat and the need for new kinds of home, office, retail, institutional and event spaces, as well as the general future of cities.

For this reason this year, ASAI would like to invite all professional and student illustrators and designers to dream big about the future, translate these ideas into a single visual and take part in the thematic portion of the Architecture in Perspective competition.

As Hugh Ferriss once remarked “there is a difference between a correct drawing and an authentic one”… ASAI’s international jury will be looking at drawings that showcase a higher level of authenticity in its conception, execution and storytelling.

We invite you to enter the competition with your vision of the future re-imagined. Deadline is July 30, 2021.

Announcing the winners of the Architecture in Perspective 35 Professional and Student Competitions

We are so excited to announce the selected artists for the 35th Architecture in Perspective Professional and Student Competitions.

A Different Process

Architecture in Perspective 35 Professional Jury Zoom Meeting

It has been a long standing tradition that the adjudication of the professional competition is done in person. We are aware that digital advancements make it possible to carry these proceedings virtually, but we have always felt that meeting in person for this event allows for dialog that flows differently in person then via video conferencing. In fact, conversation about trends, traditions, history and the future media are encouraged during the jury process. This year, we did not have the option to meet in person. For weeks and weeks Gordon Grice, Sergei Tchoban and I were in constant contact regarding the events of the world and how the COVID-19 pandemic might effect world travel until it became obvious. Travel bans were in effect and we were staying put.

On Saturday, March 28, 2020 on a Zoom video conference we met with jurors Uli Hanisch, Prof. Katrin Günther and Christoph Sattler. Also in attendance was Gordon Grice, competition mediator, Sergei Tchoban, ASAI 2020 President and myself, Tina Bryant, Executive Director of ASAI. While the dialog was different during the video conference the results were the same. The jurors were impressed and inspired by entries from ASAI members. Difficult choices were made. Every year it is difficult to see great images denied a place in the exhibition, but it is this unique process of having different jurors every year from different countries, different industries, different experiences that creates an annual archive of the architectural illustration and visualization industry.

Even with these unique circumstances we are proud of the work that our members create and it was a delight to scroll through all the images that were sent in and share them with jurors.

Architecture in Perspective 35 Student Jury Zoom Meeting

The student jury met via the typical video conference on Thursday, May 7, 2020. Sergei Tchoban, Manfred Ortner and Christoph Langhof viewed the student entries for selection. One of the jurors shared some of the titles of the large book collection he had behind him and even introduce Gordon Grice to an artist he didn’t know about. If you know Gordo, then you know that’s hard to do! Haus Rucker, look him up. We have been delighted to see a growing mix of digital and traditional entries in the student competition. In accordance with these unprecedented times, after a  prolonged and spirited exchange among the jurors the competition committee decided to make a unique exception to allow 1 artist from the student competition to be chosen for two different juror awards.

The Show

In total there were 90 pieces selected to represent ASAI in the Architecture in Perspective 35 catalog and exhibition. An eclectic group of architectural illustrations and visualizations, digital and traditional work that represents today’s industry and the varied influences in education.

Dennis Allain was awarded his second Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize and joins an elite group artists who’ve also attained this position. Other artists who also hold this two-time title are Thomas Schaller and Gilbert Gorski.

These images will be published in a printed catalog that will be added to the archival library that is Architecture in Perspective. There will also be an exhibition held at the Tchoban Foundation – Museum of Architectural Drawing. Given the situation of the world, we are still determining whether there will be a physical exhibition or a digital experience, but more on that later!

Congratulations to all the artists. We look forward to celebrating your accomplishment.

Architecture in Perspective 33 Professional and Student Competition

International Architectural Illustration Competition

The American Society of Architectural Illustrators is pleased to invite professional and student illustrators from around the globe to take part in the 33rd annual Architecture in Perspective competition. This international juried competition recognizes the world’s best architectural illustrations with over 10 awards in four categories. Submitted artworks may be created in any medium including drawings, paintings, renderings, and digital imagery.

The competition’s top award — the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize — carries a cash prize of $5000 USD and is considered one of the highest professional honors for an architectural illustrator.

Competition winners will be invited to a special awards ceremony and gallery exhibition October 12, 2018 at the Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles. In addition, award-winning entries and honorable mentions will be published online and in a commemorative Architecture in Perspective catalog.

For more information on entering the competition including deadlines, awards, eligibility, and submission guidelines, please visit archinperspective.com.


The Architecture in Perspective 33 Conference will be held in Marina del Rey, California USA at the Jamaica Bay October 11-13, 2018. Stay tuned for more information or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and news from ASAI.

CFE: ArchiGraphicArts5



АrchiGraphicArts 5

 Russian architectural site Archplatforma.ru and Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing (Berlin) invite architects and artists of architecture to take part in ArchiGraphicArts 5 International Contest of Architectural Hand Drawings.

Deadline for Entries: March, 1, 2018

The internet-platform of the competition http://competitions.archplatforma.ru/

Hand drawings created without using any computer technology are accepted.

Participation in competition is free!

Competition is held on 4 nominations

– Drawing from Nature

– Architectural Fantasy

– Drawing to the Project

– Moscow: Sense of the City. Special Nomination by Moscow Chief Architect Sergey Kuznetsov

Participants can present 1 Entry in each nomination. Each Entry can be presented by 1 sheet or as a series of (up to 5) sheets united by the same theme and graphic technique.


Competition Stages

The Competition is held in the Internet Format: the participants have to upload Entries in electronic form to the contest site.

All Entries approved by the moderators will be published on the Competition’s website.

After the end of the Moderation, the International Jury evaluates the works of the Contest by online materials and gives recommendations for a thematic exhibition.

On the basis of the Competition’s Entries, a thematic Exposition is planned within the framework of the XXIII International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH Moscow 2018 (May,16-20, Central House of Artists, Moscow).

The presupposed theme of the Exhibition is the Drawing-Manifest, Drawing-Research. It could include works (originals, in exceptional cases – reproductions) from all nominations of the Сontest, illustrating the conceptual research / statement on the theme of architecture. For example: Drawing from Nature as a study of the features of certain objects in the context of their own architectural and town planning studies/projects; Аrchitectural Fantasy as a presentation of methods of work, approaches, a critical comprehension of reality or a vision of the future; Drawing to the Project-the quintessence of the author’s personality in architecture; projects, containing the solution of some important, actual problem or task.

At the final Awarding Ceremony, winners will be announced in all categories based on the Jury’s remote vote.

During the competition an online vote will also be held. This will allow visitors to the competition website to support entries which take their fancy, but will have no effect on the results of the voting by the competition Jury.



 According to the results of the remote online work of the Jury, winners in each nomination will be determined.

Winners of the Contest receive Diplomas, valuable prizes and gifts from the Organizers and Partners of the Contest.

One of the participants in the Architectural Fantasy Nomination will receive a Special prize from the Sergei Tchoban Foundation – the Museum of Architectural Drawing in Berlin.

The winner of the Special Nomination «Moscow: Sense of the City» will receive a Special Prize from the Сhief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

The winner of the site visitors online voting receives an incentive prize and a diploma from the organizers of the competition.


Submission of entries: until March, 1st , 2018 (inclusive)

The end of moderation (reviewing and publication of entries): March, 10 th , 2018

Exhibition in the framework of ARCHMoscow: May 16-20, 2018, Moscow, Central House of Artists.

Announcement of winners and Awarding Ceremony: the date will be reported additionally

The Jury

SERGEI TCHOBAN – Chairman of the Jury – architect, founder of the Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing, chief of the architectural bureau SPEECH (Russia) and nps tchoban voss (Germany)

SERGEY KUZNETSOV – the chief architect of Moscow

Thomas Wells Schaller – architect, artist. President Emeritus of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI) (USA).

MAXIM ATAYANTS – architect, professor of the Academy of Arts (St. Peterburg), chief of the «Maxim Atayants’ architectural studio» (Russia)

SERGEY ESTRIN – architect, artist, chief of the «Sergey Estrin’s architectural studio» (Russia)

MIKHAIL FILIPPOV – architect, artist, chief of the «Mikhail Filippov’s architectural studio» (Russia)

MIKKEL FROST – founder and managing partner of CEBRA (Denmark)

RUBEN ARAKELYAN – architect, WALL architectural office cofounder

ANDREY CHERNIKHOV – architect, Andrey Chernikhov Architecture & Design Studio founder (Russia)

СINO ZUCCHI – architect, founder and chief of the СZA Cino Zucchi Architetti (Italy).


Forms of Submission

All who wish to take part in Competition have to be registered (to create account) on the competition site competitions.archplatforma.ru

Procedure of registration is simple. For creation of an account it is necessary to open menu (сlick red square on the main page under logo Archplaltforma.ru), click: Log in, enter login and your contact e-mail. Two e-mails will come to the specified e-mail address:

  1. E-mail with the link for account activation. 2. E-mail with your registration data.

After completion of registration all options will be available. Then you have to place necessary information about you and load 1 work in chosen nominations.

Works are accepted in the digitized form, in jpg format, not less than 2000 pixels in size on width.

The explanatory note (up to 1000 printed characters) has to be attached. It is NECESSARY to specify the original name of work, techniques of execution, original sizes of the work in explanatory note and short description of the concept, location of the objects, etc.

The work allowed to participation appears in online gallery where the name of participant also is displayed.

Detailed information about Terms and Conditions of Competition you can find on the page of each nomination (сlick Terms/English version).


Drawing from Nature


Architectural Fantasy


Drawing to the Project


Moscow: Sense of the City. Special Nomination by Moscow Chief Architect Sergey Kuznetsov



Contact and technical support



Site http://competitions.archplatforma.ru

Organizers: Archplatforma.ru (360.ru Group of webs)

Programme Partners: Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing (Berlin), Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, The Union of Architects of Russia, The Union of Moscow Architects.

Partner of the Drawing to Project Nomination: LAUFEN (Roca Group)