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Etna Winter

North Neighborhood

Port Clyde General Store (Merle's place)

Vista Street 2

Making Every Stroke Count

Watercolor Seminar

Intermediate to advanced

Emphasis in this seminar will be on helping students find the essential elements and qualities in the subject matter, and through demonstrations and group critiques show how to present these essentials in a simple, direct way. The object is to eliminate extraneous information and details, and simplify the subject. Students will be encouraged to look beyond the representational aspect of the subject to the dynamics of contrast, light, movement, space, etc; elements which help make paintings come alive. Students may be working outdoors, weather permitting, or indoors from their own photos and/or sketches.

Demonstrations will be given as necessary, most likely at the beginning of the day, lasting about 1-1/2 hours, after which students will work on their own until approximately 3:00, (break for lunch or work while you eat). During this period I will be circulating working with students on an individual basis. Then we stop for a group critique before breaking for the day. Class is usually finished around 4:00, depending on the number of students.

I will provide a materials list upon request, but students may bring whatever materials they usually use and are comfortable with.

Although this seminar is geared toward intermediate to advanced painters, beginners are welcome and personal attention will be given to all. However beginners should be warned that they may be hearing many things related to design concepts and principles that they may not be ready for.

About Bill Vrscak...

Bill Vrscak is a free-lance artist/illustrator and signature member of the American Watercolor society as well as the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society. He is a realist painter whose work reflects a strong sense of freshness and simplicity, consistent with his attitude that “the simplest statements make the most impact”. A frequent national award winner, his work is widely published, included in The Artists’ Magazine, Painting with Passion (North Light Books), International Artist magazine and Print’s Design Annual. His paintings reside in many corporate and private collections in the U.S., Canada, England and Australia. Vrscak studied Painting and design at the Ivy School of Art and currently teaches painting workshops throughout the United States as well as Canada.

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