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Jury Comment

First International Student Architectural Representation Competition

At various local times on February 11th, competition jurors Mark Nelson in Wisconsin, Henry Sorenson in Brisbane, Australia and Steve Oles in Santa Fe—along with jury moderator Gordon Grice from Toronto attended a virtual meeting by way of new image and voice conferencing software to honor the most deserving efforts in this first annual international student rendering competition. Establishing the global connections and monitoring the conference software was ASAI stalwart Jane Grealy, who steered the geographically dispersed jurors without interruption (almost!) through the judging process.

The submissions were from students attending schools far and wide, and in most cases the work was excellent indeed. The jury began with a quick overview of all the student images, quickly winnowing to twenty-two, and then to eight finalists. The real discussion began at that point, with jurors resorting to individual numerical evaluations to determine the final winner and three citations.

The three works receiving the Student Award of Merit (from Brian Lemmeman, Paul Duke and Neill Scheiter) were each seen by the jurors as graphically appealing—although the hauntingly eerie industrial landscape by Scheiter was viewed as particularly compelling.

The winning work was a beautiful composite image of a skyscraper submitted by Choi Law. This piece was selected because of its masterful composition—combining elements of architectural information and inspiration—and its nuanced handling of a traditional and difficult medium. The consensus of the jury was that it is a superb piece of illustrative art, beyond the normal expectations for student work and fully deserving of the honor of being designated the winner of this first-ever Student Award of Excellence.

AIP 24 Student Competition Results

In 2008, with the Call for Entries AIP 24, ASAI introduced a new award in order to recognize the talent of ASAI’s Student Members. A jury of three, just as in the professional competition, met via Skype and GoToMeeting to review the entries and make their selections. Below are the award winning images from the Student Competition.

Choi Law - Award of Excellence

Paul Duke - Award of Merit

Brian Lemmerman - Award of Merit

Neill Scheiter - Award of Merit
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