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"Patterns" by Susan Lynn

Mike Lin Graphic Workshops presents a 5-day Watercolor Workshop instructed by

Dick Sneary and Susan Lynn
July 22-26, 2006

Mr. Sneary is an award winning illustrator, President Emeritus of ASAI, and proprietor of his own architectural illustration firm for 30 years. Ms. Lynn is a fine artist whose watercolors are shown in galleries and exhibits across the country, and has assisted Mr. Sneary on architectural illustrations for the last 17 years.

To view the paintings of Dick Sneary and Susan Lynn, please visit their websites
<> and <>

This beginner to intermediate level workshop will focus on teaching a variety of watercolor techniques that can apply to both architectural illustration and fine art painting. Beginning with lessons exploring simple wash techniques, we will advance through still lifes and simple architectural illustrations to explore methods of color mixing and glazing that create vibrant, glowing paintings. Methods of expressing interior lighting, exterior daylight, landscaping, and various building materials will also be explored. Each day of the workshop will include instructor demonstrations and end of the day critiques of students’ class work. Our dual-teaching approach allows a greater availability to the students for one-on-one attention from each instructor. The workshop will be held in the Mike Lin Graphic Workshop's 7600 square foot studio in Manhattan, Kansas.

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"Eric's" by Dick Sneary
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