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Associate Professor and Medical Illustrator, USA

The Art of Medical Illustration

Tim Phelps, Associate Professor and Medical Illustrator has been teaching and illustrating for 23 years in the Graduate Program of Art as Applied to Medicine, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. He has received over 40 regional and national awards for his artwork published in textbooks, magazines, and professional journals. He has been illustrating medicine and science for 30 years with work appearing in over 60 surgical textbooks and atlases, over 100 book chapters and journals, and over 20 magazines. Projects have included numerous surgical texts and atlases on Otolaryngology, Orthopedic and Cardiac Surgery, co-authorship on a book on Surgical Pathology Dissection, The Ocean Planet project with the Smithsonian, numerous anatomic illustrations for Dog World and Cat Fancy magazines, art direction and primary illustrator for the Johns Hopkins Family Health Book, and most recently completion of over 500 pen and ink illustrations for a 2008 Merriam Webster Dictionary. Tim is a Past President and Past Chair of the Board of the Association of Medical Illustrators. Read more about Tim Phelps

Dog Muscoloskeletal Anatomy

Sunflower Visitor

More about Tim Phelps

Since 1994, Tim has immersed himself in the history of flame painting and in doing so has painted over 600 diecast cars. Articles on his miniature hot rods and the history of flame painting have appeared in over three dozen venues including: Autoart, Autographics. Airbrush Action, Northern Rodder, Southern Rodder, Fine Scale Modeler, Scale Auto Enthusiast, Diecast X, Kustoms Illustrated, Toy Cars and Models, and Diecast Kustomridez Magazine. In 2006 he authored a book for Motorbooks International (MBI) titled Up in Flames: The Art of Flame Painting. Tim has also created multiple flamed fish and fowl designs for the Hawaiian shirt company Paradise on a Hangar. In 2008, Tim was the series artist and designer for Greenlight Toys' "Muscle Car Garage - Up in Flames"- an annual series of flame painted diecast cars available at Toys R Us, K-Mart and Meijer stores nationwide and hobby online websites.

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