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ASAI Baltimore 2012



Architect and Illustrator, USA

Flexible approach to digital illustration techniques.

Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski is a graduate of the UCLA Department of Architecture & Urban Design. In 2005 he founded an illustration and design company bioLINIA.
The illustrations produced by bioLINIA have won many prestigious awards including the 2012 Hugh Ferris Memorial Prize, Krob 2008
Best in Category - Professional Digital/Mixed, First Prize in the 2008 Dwell Wacom Live Ecodesign Challenge, and have contributed imagery to winning projects in high-profile architectural competitions.
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BiaƂystok Arsenal Gallery competition

Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize 2012

Santa Monica College Student Services building by Steinberg Architects

High-rise apartments in Fiji by SPF:a architects

Krob 2008, Best in Category - Professional Digital/Mixed

MacMillan Residence by Ehrlich Architects

Concept Sketch 2008

UAE New Parliament Building Complex by Ehrlich Architects


... we learn through constant observation, research and experimentation, however, inspiration and intuition are dominant in our ever evolving process...
'nature is the ultimate teacher' ... we discover, reconfigure and reinvent what nature has done a million times before...

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