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ASAI Baltimore 2012


Baltimore Conference

On the deck, Raven Cruise. Photo Michael Keniger

Presentation on the Raven Cruise. Photo Joe Skibba

Presenters on the Raven Cruise,Tim, Olek Novak-Zemplinski, Jeff Zhang, with President Stewart White. Photo Joe Skibba
American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore.
Photo Michael Keniger

Noses, John Hopkins Medical Center. Photo Michael Keniger

Frank Costantino. Photo Henry Sorenson
Night View, Baltimore. Photo Henry Sorenson
Garden, American Visionary Art Museum. Photo Henry Sorenson

View from World Trade Center, Baltimore. Photo Henry Sorenson
Baltimore Harbour. Photo Henry Sorenson


Architect and Illustrator, USA

Flexible approach to digital illustration techniques.
Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski is a graduate of the UCLA Department of Architecture & Urban Design. In 2005 he founded an illustration and design company bioLINIA.
The illustrations produced by bioLINIA have won many prestigious awards including the 2012 Hugh Ferris Memorial Prize, Krob 2008
Best in Category - Professional Digital/Mixed, First Prize in the 2008 Dwell Wacom Live Ecodesign Challenge, and have contributed imagery to winning projects in high-profile architectural competitions.
Find out more about Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski

Jeff Zhang
Vice General Manager, Crystal Digital Technology Co., Ltd (Shanghai)

Crystal CG and Architectural Visualization Service
China CG and Visualization Market Overview

Jeff Zhang holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. He works as Vice General Manager of Crystal Digital Technology Co., Ltd - Shanghai Studio, and is responsible for Industrial Account Service Division, including Architecture, Estate, Manufacturing, Automotive & Transportation, Government and Business Development.

Previous to Crystal Shanghai, he worked as the general manager of Jadason Technology Ltd Shanghai Office and was responsible for Digital Media Entertainment & Industry Design solution sales and office operations from 2001.Find out more about Jeff Zhang and Crystal CG

Architect and illustrator, USA

Digital Reconstruction of Ancient Rome: A 7-Year Project
Gilbert Gorski is a licensed architect, renowned painter, illustrator, and co-author of the forthcoming book, The Roman Forum in the Age of the Emperors---an all-encompassing treatise on the Forum as it existed at the end of the Imperial Age. Gorski’s expertise is evident in the book’s reconstructions which he and co-author James Packer produced utilizing digital techniques to bring together years of archaeological and architectural research; facilitating a new approach to understanding the nature of the Forum as an ensemble. Find out more about Gil Gorski

Artist and author, USA

James Gurney is the author and illustrator of the New York Times bestselling Dinotopia book series. He designed the World of Dinosaurs stamps for the U.S. Postal Service and has worked on over a dozen assignments for National Geographic magazine, painting reconstructions of Moche, Kushite, and Etruscan civilizations. He has won the Hugo, Chesley, Spectrum, and World Fantasy Awards. Solo exhibitions of his artwork have been presented at the Smithsonian Institution, the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Norton Museum of Art, and currently at the Lyman Allyn Museum of Art. His most recent book, Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter (2010) was Amazon’s #1 bestselling book on painting for over 52 weeks and is based on his daily blog. Find out more about James Gurney

Associate Professor and Medical Illustrator, USA

The Art of Medical Illustration
Tim Phelps, Associate Professor and Medical Illustrator has been teaching and illustrating for 23 years in the Graduate Program of Art as Applied to Medicine, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. He has received over 40 regional and national awards for his artwork published in textbooks, magazines, and professional journals. He has been illustrating medicine and science for 30 years with work appearing in over 60 surgical textbooks and atlases, over 100 book chapters and journals, and over 20 magazines. Tim is a Past President and Past Chair of the Board of the Association of Medical Illustrators. Find out more about Tim Phelps

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