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Architect and illustrator, USA

Digital Reconstruction of Ancient Rome: A 7-Year Project

Gilbert Gorski is a licensed architect, renowned painter, illustrator, and co-author of the forthcoming book, The Roman Forum in the Age of the Emperors---an all-encompassing treatise on the Forum as it existed at the end of the Imperial Age. Gorski’s expertise is evident in the book’s reconstructions which he and co-author James Packer produced utilizing digital techniques to bring together years of archaeological and architectural research; facilitating a new approach to understanding the nature of the Forum as an ensemble.
Gorski received a Bachelor and Master's of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. In 1987 he was awarded the Burnham Prize with an Associate Fellowship to the American Academy in Rome. The first decade of his career was with the successor firm to the office of Mies van der Rohe. More recently he has headed his own firm specializing in design and illustration.
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The Roman Forum in the Age of the Emperors

This book is meant to complete our understanding of the buildings and monuments of the Roman Forum as they existed at the end of the Imperial Age. It represents the culmination of a seven year collaboration between two authorities in their respected fields, bringing together meticulous research, scholarship and illustration. While recent archaeological monographs may investigate a single building in detail, they do not necessarily reconstruct its original appearance. Often they include measured drawings of the remaining ruins, but usually do not use these elements in measurable, restored plans, elevations and sections. They never consider either the relationship of their monument to its neighbors or its conceptual part in the design of the whole Forum; they do not treat the Forum as an architectural entity. We hope to fill that void; no other work presents in such detail, clarity and realism, the nature of these buildings, both individually and also as an ensemble.
For a book of this nature, visual images are essential. Utilizing advances in hardware and software, the authors produced a body of archaeologically updated images that are (hopefully) as compelling as any of those who have considered the forum in the past. These images are visual solutions to protracted archaeological discussions, our own and those of past scholars, and together all these renderings may, for the first time since antiquity, facilitate a new approach to the nature and underlying conceptual grammar of the Forum -- a site that was, for the Romans, not a collection of isolated archaeological trenches, but an intricate, three-dimensional architectural ensemble.

Gilbert Gorski, a licensed architect, is the designer for numerous projects, including the World Headquarters for the McDonald's Corporation in Oak Brook, Illinois and the Oceanarium, a major addition the John Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Gorski has also served as a studio professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology and at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago. He presently holds the James A. and Louise F. Nolen Chair in Architecture as Associate Professor at the University of Notre Dame. In 1987 Mr. Gorski was designated the Burnham Fellow by the Chicago Architectural Club and was awarded a three-month fellowship to the American Academy in Rome. Since 1989 Gorski has headed his own firm specializing in design and illustration. In 1990 and 2002, the American Society of Architectural Illustrators awarded Gorski the nation’s highest singular honor in architectural illustration, the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize.

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