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ASAI Tokyo 2011


International Presentation and Symposium

Trend of Architectural Visualization in the World Presentation


Since its foundation in 1899, Takenaka Corporation has accumulated 112 years of history as a construction company, consistently adhering to its design/built philosophy. Within Takenaka’s long history, rendering specialists emerged in Osaka in 1951 as predecessors of the current Presentation Group. Since then, the group of rendering specialists have developed and practiced their presentation methods which accurately suit the requirements of the new era.

At present, the Group has expanded to Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Kyushu regions in Japan, and produces a wide range of presentation related outputs such as perspectives, animations, VR, DTP, models, etc. Takenaka’s Presentation Group joined ASAI in 1993, and has won a number of awards since then.

At this Symposium, Takenaka’s Presentation Group is planning to explain how it is engaged in the field of architecture, and to introduce the detailed process of how it “realizes imaginations into physical forms,” along with people involved in the architecture business. We are looking forward to your participation.

■プレゼンテーション・グループ 紹介



Crystal CG

Since its establishment in 1995, Crystal Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (Crystal CG) has grown to be the biggest digital visualization service provider in Asia, with over 10 branches and some 2,600 creative employees across the world in offices in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, London and Tokyo.

Crystal CG was appointed as the Graphic Design Services Supplier for the Beijing Olympic Games (2008), Multimedia Design Service Provider for the Shanghai EXPO (2010) and was officially designated as Official Digital Imaging Services Provider to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Lu Zhenggang, President of Crystal CG vows that, Crystal CG will continue to develop the application of digital imaging technology so as to provide better solutions to more clients in various fields, thus presenting China’s innovative ideas to the world.

1995年創立の水晶石数字科技有限公司(クリスタルCG株式会社)は、今や国内外に十社以上の支社を持ち、従業員2600人強というアジア最大規模のデジタルビ アライゼーション企業となり、当分野のグローバルリーダーとして3Dグラフィックス技術を中心とした国際的なサービスを提供しています。

2006年、2008年北京五輪のデジタルグラフィックス公認サプライヤーとして認定、2008年、2008北京五輪開・閉会式映像制作マネジメント事業者として認定、 2007年、中国2010上海万博指定マルチメディアデザインサプライヤーとして認定、2008年、2011世界大学生運動グラフィックデザイン独占サプライヤーとして認定・契約を受けています。



Nikken Sekkei

Founded in 1900, Nikken Sekkei is a group of specialists pioneering the field of social and environmental design. It is a general architectural design office offering research, planning and consultation services throughout the lifecycle of buildings and cities, centred on design, supervision and urban planning.

Within the organization, its Presentation Group primarily undertakes the preparation of visual materials, such as brochures, animations and perspectives. The Presentation Group supports the specialists at all times and continuously provides visual outputs in order to connect clients and architecture, as well as society and architecture.

By having an insight on a new era with increasing importance in visual communication, Nikken Sekkei’s Presentation Group positions itself in a forward thinking perspective and strives to continue proposing evergreen visual values.



FORREC is a planning and design firm that specializes in the creation of entertainment and leisure environments worldwide. With built projects in over 20 countries, we have mastered the art of making memorable experiences by building big ideas.

Forty years of experience in theme, urban, architectural and interior design has given us a singular ability to merge design creativity with fiscal practicality. This has earned us the trust of some of the world's most successful leisure and entertainment companies, including: Universal Studios, The Tussauds Group, Samsung Everland, Paramount Studio City, LEGOLAND Development Corporation, Hyundai Group and World Wrestling Entertainment.
Let us earn yours.

ユニバーサル・スタジオ、パラマウント・スタジオシティ、英国Tussauds Group、
韓国Samsung Everland、レゴランド地域開発会社、Hyundai Group、およびワールドレスリングエンターテイメント等が我々の主なクライアントです。

Shimizu Corporation

Founded in 1804, Shimizu Corporation has over 200 years of history and tradition. It is a general construction company with civil and architectural construction techniques as its core function, covering the field of Engineering to Urban Development.

As a leading company on environmental design offering comfortable living, Shimizu Corporation pursues the sustainability of buildings, and performs technical development towards the realization of so-called Zero Energy Building (ZEB). The Company strives to be a“Smart Solution Company” who continues to provide values surpassing the expectations of its customers.

1804年に創業し200年を超える歴史と伝統を有し、土木、建築の建設技術を核に、エンジニアリングから 都市開発までを手掛ける総合建設会社。
人々が快適に暮らせる環境づくりのトップランナーとして、ZEB(Zero EnergyBuilding)実現に向けて技術開発を進めるなど、 建造物の持続可能性(サステナビリティ)を徹底的に追求し、お客様の期待を超える価値を提供し続ける「スマートソリューション・カンパニー」を目指しています。

プレゼンテーションセンターは、当社がお客様へ提案する資料 提案書、パース、模型、映像)の企画、制作をするとともに、パブリックリレーション活動 一環として行う社外イベント等の プロデュースも行っています。


RTKL is a worldwide architecture, engineering, planning, and creative services organization. Part of the ARCADIS global network since 2007, RTKL specializes in providing its multi-disciplinary services across the full development cycle to create places of distinction and designs of lasting value. RTKL works with clients around the world on commercial, workplace, public, and healthcare projects. RTKL’s 950 employees in offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia provide services for projects around the world. This global presence has placed RTKL fifth in architecture worldwide, according to World Architecture’s specialist rankings.

Colin Davis is an associate with RTKL and the leader of the Dallas Architectural Visualizations Group. He is adept at producing computer generated, photo-realistic images and animations of key spaces during the design of a hospital. These visuals, which are part of RTKL’s standard design process, help the owner “see” and understand the building before it is built. Clients find Colin’s expertise gives them a great advantage when they are reviewing and approving a design.

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