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C_Reid_results_4 - The American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI)

Cruise Ship at Avalon (Jim Anderson)

Because of early Friday departures for some members, a marvelous group break-up dinner on Thursday night was enjoyed in banquet style at the elegant Santa Catalina Country Club. The Club has quite a lengthy history of Hollywood guests, with numerous pictures of major movie stars displayed in the bar (of course). The group pitched in to present Charles and Judy with two distinctive Catalina ceramic tiles, as a token of our appreciation and as unique souvenirs of the spectacular island.

Reid's brushwork - Brush Just So (Bonnie MacBird)

Sunbathers 2 (Susan Lynn)

Catalina Patio (Maya Lee)

By any measure of excitement, productivity, instruction, subject matter, and weather, this seminar was an unqualified success. Not only did it help all of us with our skills, it also helped ASAI, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Society’s programs.

At The Pavilion Lodge - Dayna, Frank, Charles, Kathryn, Dick, Stewart, Neil, Robin, Kirk (Dana Peterson Mason)

Laughter and learning pervaded our well spent days. Friends old and new met, made memories, and made plans to stay in touch. Our mutual appreciation and respect goes to Charles, Judy and all of our participants for the good times.

Everyone will look forward to the next ASAI-sponsored workshop at another scenic location.

Frank Costantino
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