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C_Reid_results_3 - The American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI)

Painting the Painter - Charles Reid (Dick Sneary)

Hillside Veranda (Keitaro Hatanaka)

Keitaro Hatanaka, a long-time JARA member and illustrator from Saitama, was extremely diligent in trying to understand colloquial English, referencing his paperback and digital dictionary many times. He was able to get the gist of Charles’ direction and comments, as he noticeably developed his work during the week. Keitaro also educated us to the Japanese word for “watercolor” and its derivation – “Suisaiga”, Sui = water, sai = chroma, ga = picture, together with the word’s pictorial Japanese characters. Hatanaka-san was also the lucky recipient (via a number drawing) of a super-long brim painter’s cap, donated and personally signed by Charles. His special prize will be a souvenir of the trip he’ll remember long after returning to Japan.

The Green Shack (Stanley Doctor)

Green Pier (Dick Sneary)

Via Casino (Kathryn Qin)

Holly House, Avalon (Dick Sneary)

House on the Hill (Neil Eidemiller)

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