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Tuna Club-Morning (Craig Roberts)

Casino-Morning (Stewart White)

Every morning, Charles would stake out a site, direct us to the location, and complete a half-sheet painting, as we stood in awe of his intuitive use of color and seemingly random execution. The subjects included a village storefront, the historic Tuna Club, and a multi-use, multi-level courtyard space.

Tuna Club, Catalina (Dick Sneary)

It was fortunate that Craig Roberts, one of our participating members, and his San Francisco design firm were involved in planning infrastructure development for the historic Avalon Casino. He arranged for us to be escorted into the unique structure by the Island’s management company, where we had the privilege of painting from the arched top floor portico, granting us a spectacular and inspiring 270º view. The 1920’s historic round structure located at the tip of the cove, is not only an icon and landmark with a remarkable façade, but is graced by a magnificent ballroom, restaurant, and theatre.

Catalina's Casino (Dick Sneary)

Reid's Brushes (Bonnie MacBird)

Figure Painting Figures (Bonnie MacBird)

Charles preparing for the day (Frank Costantino)

Catalina Fountain (Dana Peterson Mason)

After convivial lunch breaks for nourishment and inspiration, group members would wander off along the cove inlet for staking out their own views for sketching, usually finishing one or two paintings (or more…particularly with prolific Baltimore member Stewart White), and return back to the Pavilion Lodge for an entertaining (sometimes frustrating) but always constructive courtyard critique with Charles.

Most evenings, we ambled off in small groups, often with the Reid’s, focused on the daily dilemma from which of the many excellent restaurants to choose for the evening’s well deserved and relaxing meal.

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