Head Gear Animation | Architecture in Perspective Annual Conference | Architectural Illustration | Architectural Visualization




October 14-18, 2015


AIP 30 Conference Speaker:
Head Gear Animation

Steve Angel
Julian Grey

Steve still likes to draw. He really does. It has been his thing since he was little. After graduating from McGill in '89 and realizing there weren't a lot of job openings in the field of sociology, Steve went to Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and Parsons NYC. After a harried stint in publishing helping to found Shift magazine, Steve tried his hand in the animation world. Something clicked. Within three years he and co-conspirator Julian Grey started their own animation studio, Head Gear Animation. Head Gear specializes in a wide and artful array of animation approaches and over 18 years, has won international acclaim working for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to a cousin's, start-up, web thingy.

Julian has also been putting pencil to paper for as long as he can remember, but cannot abide by anything other than a classic Staedtler HB. Animation is a natural extension of the static line on the page, and so drawing remains the genesis of any project at Head Gear. Julian’s background in Graphic Design and Printmaking at Concordia University continue to inform his expansive approach to visual media.

We want to talk about what we do and how we do it. Notably, the priority we place on sticking to our style and sensibilities. There are a lot of fads and flavours of the month in our world and also a lot of reliance on the aesthetic that is prepackaged in the latest drawing and animation software. Head Gear Animation's calling card is the distinctiveness of the vision it brings to projects. This derives from from doing what comes naturally.

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