30th Annual Architecture in Perspective Competition | Architectural Illustration | Architectural Rendering

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CASH PRIZES – $7,750 in cash and $1,650 in other prizes

Previous Hugh Ferriss Winners

The Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize, awarded annually for excellence in the graphic representation of architecture.

AIP 31 Winner

AIP 30 Winner
Midori Watanabe

AIP 29 Winner
Hao La

AIP 28 Winner
Jason Addy

AIP 27 Winner
Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski

AIP 26 Winner
Marcel Schaufelberger

AIP 25 Winner
Jon Kletzien

AIP 24 Winner
Maarten Van Dooren

AIP 23 Winner
Frank Costantino

AIP 22 Winner
Ana Carolina Monnaco

AIP 21 Winner
Dennis Allain

AIP 20 Winner
Christopher Grubbs

AIP 19 Winner
Michael Reardon

AIP 18 Winner
Ronald J Love

AIP 17 Winner
Gilbert Gorski

AIP 16 Winner
Michael McCann

AIP 15 Winner
Thomas W. Schaller

AIP 14 Winner
Serge Zaleski

AIP 13 Winner
Wei Li

AIP 12 Winner
Advanced Media Design

AIP 11 Winner
Paul Stevenson Oles

AIP 10 Winner
Lee Dunnette

AIP 9 Winner
Rael D. Slutsky

AIP 8 Winner
David Sylvester

AIP 7 Winner
Douglas E. Jamieson

AIP 6 Winner
Luis Blanc

AIP 5 Winner
Gilbert Gorski

AIP 4 Winner
Daniel Willis

AIP 3 Winner
Thomas Wells Schaller

AIP 2 Winner
Richard Lovelace

AIP 1 Winner
James Record

AIP 1 Winner
Lee Dunnette

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October 14-18, 2015

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