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AIP 26 - Selected Entries

AIP 28 Student Competition Results

Student Award of Excellence

"Icarus Project Perspective" Cody Mason, Griffith University, Australia

Jurors' comments

This image clearly stands out for its elegance, quintessential composition, chromatic restraint, strong technique and intriguing subject matter, that will not allow you pass without investigating further.
Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski, USA, Poland

The delicacy of the tall dry grass in the foreground sets up a dialogue that is oddly sympathetic with the brutalist nature of the architecture in the distance. Perhaps it is the choice of color, a barely perceptible cool gray brown that gives the image, at least for me, a sense of melancholy and inevitability.
Gil Gorski, Granger, USA

This is a beautifully evocative work. A restrained, but confident monochrome technique and a composition which draws in the viewer heightens the relationship between building and landscape. There is a sense that we are looking at something almost primitive, but contemporary. I particularly like the combination of a sharper definition in rendering the buildings, with the more suggestive approach to the wider landscape.
Shane Thompson, Brisbane, Australia

Student Award of Merit

"Biopfilia" Guro Aanestad, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

It is gratifying to see principals that guide traditional drawing observed in one made with digital means. Too often designers accept what the computer gives them and go no further. This piece caught my attention because of its strong composition and graphic qualities. Using a strategy of diminishing light and dark contrast, as well as juxtaposing textured and plain surfaces, the idea informing the architecture is presented and confirmed. I particularly applaud the effort to bend the drawing back away from the ubiquitous nature of most digitally created images, and humanize it with references to hand technique.

Gil Gorski, Granger, USA

Student Award of Merit

" Front Elevation" Alfredo Pimentel, Harvard Graduate School of Design, USA

What makes this image stand out for me is the slightly nonchalant framing, the subtle imperfections in the camera positioning and cropping, and effective use of Instagram-type of filters that blend all of the elements into an exceedingly believable, tourist-made, smartphone snapshot, ready to be uploaded to your online social media profile. It creates a convincing illusion that we are witnessing an authentic discovery by a random observer or a lazy for-the-record photo by the construction manager. This is a reflection of our times. Alfedo Pimentel demonstrates confidence in his use of composition and the ability to casually break it to achieve a naturalistic effect.
These clever devices trick our brains into making an instant and almost involuntary leap into the future and imagining the subject already tested by the passing time. This brings us closer to believing the design might actually turn out a viable proposal - precisely what architectural illustration is meant to do.

Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski, USA, Poland

Student Award of Merit

"Architectural Village" Kentaro Mabe, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Student Award of Merit

This is a very engaging illustration. It’s seeming simplicity belies a sophisticated technique and composition which is employed to enable an appreciation of very compressed spaces. Almost cartoon like in character, emphasised by the use of a minimal and soft palette, watercolour affect, light shadows, simple suggested textures and activated people in charactiture, it arouses curiosity and an appreciation of the architectural intent. The clever device of a roof beam crossing the picture plane, draws you in to the scene and in many ways it puts you “in the picture”. This is an illustration which shows us again, how you can create a powerful experience through exclusion and a discerning eye.

Shane Thompson, Brisbane, Australia

Jury for Student Awards

Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski
Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski is a graduate of the UCLA Department of Architecture & Urban Design. In 2005 he founded an illustration and design company bioLINIA.
The illustrations produced by bioLINIA have won many prestigious awards including the 2012 Hugh Ferris Memorial Prize, Krob 2008
Best in Category - Professional Digital/Mixed, First Prize in the 2008 Dwell Wacom Live Ecodesign Challenge, and have contributed imagery to winning projects in high-profile architectural competitions.

Gil Gorski
Gilbert Gorski is a licensed architect, renowned painter, illustrator, and co-author of the forthcoming book, The Roman Forum in the Age of the Emperors---an all-encompassing treatise on the Forum as it existed at the end of the Imperial Age. Gorski’s expertise is evident in the book’s reconstructions which he and co-author James Packer produced utilizing digital techniques to bring together years of archaeological and architectural research; facilitating a new approach to understanding the nature of the Forum as an ensemble.

Shane Thompson
Shane Thompson is a prominent Australian architect and Principal of Shane Thompson Architects, a studio he established after 24 years as a Principal of major national practice, BVN Architecture.
Shane’s work from small houses to major urban development is well known for its’ sensitivity to place and a particular interest in materiality and tectonics. He is a twice winner of the Queensland University of Technology Outstanding Alumni Award, and the recipient of over 100 national and international awards. In addition to extensive international publication, a monograph on his work “Making a Sub-tropical Architecture” was published by L’Arca Edizioni in 2003. Shane was recently awarded the 2012 Queensland Smart Design Fellowship.
Shane has also been appointed to a number of important environment, industry and arts boards and is the current President of the RAIA QLD Chapter. Shane is also an exhibiting artist. His drawings and paintings based on landscape experience are held in numerous private and public collections.

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