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AIP 28 - Selected Entries

Architecture in
Perspective 28:
Selected Entries

International Competition of Digital and Traditional Architectural Illustration

The American Society of Architectural Illustrators' annual international competition and exhibition furthers the Society's objectives by selecting its members' extraordinary work and presenting it in major venues worldwide over the course of a year. Selected artwork is also reproduced in a companion catalogue.

This year AIP28 included the Observational competition, which was juried by the same jurors as the Rendering competition, but in a separate show and rounds.

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Hugh Ferriss - Jason Addy, Neoscape
Formal Award - Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski
Informal Award - Christopher Grubbs
Nataly Gettegno Juror Award - Dennis Allain
Rod Hemni Juror Award - Alexander Daxboeck
Michael Reardon Juror - Award Ian Stantial
Observational Best in Show - Elizabeth Day

Excellence Al Rusch
Excellence Al Forster
Excellence Anthony Grand
Excellence Art Zendarski
Excellence Bei Guan
Excellence Bryan Prignano
Excellence Craig Williams
Excellence Danny Drapiza
Excellence David Csont
Excellence Dick Sneary
Excellence Elizabeth Day
Excellence Eric Brightfield
Excellence Erica Lucassen
Excellence Etsuko Sato
Excellence Frank Costantino
Excellence Gilbert Gorski
Excellence Haley Zhou
Excellence Henry Sorenson
Excellence Hiroki Ikeda
Excellence Hiroshi Hotta
Excellence Hitomi Nasuhara
Excellence James Faecke
Excellence Jan Jurgensen
Excellence Jane Grealy
Excellence Jaroslaw Bieda
Excellence Jon Soules
Excellence Jon Kletzien
Excellence Kazuko Shimada
Excellence Ken Henley
Excellence Luc Herbots
Excellence Marcel Schaufelberger
Excellence Masaaki Yamada
Excellence Masatoshi Fujimoto
Excellence Matt Clarey
Excellence Matthew Brennan
Excellence Midori Watanabe
Excellence Nigel Gough
Excellence Richard Mullen
Excellence Ron Love
Excellence Ronald Schatz
Excellence Samuel Ringman
Excellence Steve Thorington
Excellence Sun Ho Lee
Excellence Thomas Schaller
Excellence Timothy Wells
Excellence Toshihiro Suwa
Excellence Wesley Page
Excellence William Hook
Excellence Zhengshi Guo

Observational Gilbert Gorski
Observational Henry Sorenson
Observational Sergei Tchoban
Observational Lee Dunnette
Observational Christopher Grubbs
Observational Al Rusch
Observational Dick Sneary
Observational Melissa Weese
Observational Chris Cornelius
Observational Stewart White
Observational Art Zendarski
Observational Kunio Yamada
Observational Samuel Ringman
Observational Nataliya Eliseeva

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