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AIP 25 entry

Members Choice Award for AIP 24
Aleksander (Olek) Novak-Zemplinski The Haven - Nausori, Fiji

Please use either the ballot below or at least the format on the ballot to make your selections. Votes sent in that do not reflect the correct format may not be counted. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

Please note that the page you are being directed to has a typographical error indicating there are 57 images. There are actually 110 images, which is one for each artist who participated in the competition. Our apologies for any confusion.

Members' Choice Award

In 2006, ASAI introduced this very popular award in order to recognize ASAI’s members’ views of what a good architectural illustration represents. The internet, through our new website, now affords us an opportunity previously unavailable to involve the membership in recognizing the best of architectural illustration.

Once you have sent your ballot to Tamara at ASAI HQ, she will email you the link to the webpage which features all the AIP 25 winning images.

We encourage you to vote before you check out the AIP 25 jury’s selection. Should you wish to view the AIP 25 winning entries directly, please contact Tamara.

One ballot per individual or firm membership (student membership excluded).
Click here for ballot paper in pdf format ( suitable for printing in order to fax or post)

Click here for ballot paper in word document format (suitable for emailling)

Post, email or fax ballot paper to
3301 North Garden Lane
Avondale, AZ 85392-3811
Ph: 623-433-8782
Fax: 623-444-7420

One image was selected from each member who entered AIP 25. Where multiple images were submitted, the image chosen was the one that got farthest in the jury process. You can view images in greater detail by clicking on the image. Be sure to scroll though all the 13 pages.

Voting is designed to be anonymous. The images have been “shuffled” so they are in no particular order and are identified only by a number. The only results released will be that of the overall winner of the vote.

We ask you to nominate a second and third choice to assist if there is a tied result.

If you have submitted images to AIP 25 and do not want to be part of this award, please contact Tamara at ASAI headquarters and ask for your image to be withdrawn.

Deadline for votes to be submitted is 19 March 2010.

The Members' Choice Award winner will be announced at the Awards Banquet, Madison, 23 October 2010.

The results of the AIP 25 jury selection of the Hugh Ferriss, major awards and Awards of Excellence will be posted on this website after the 20 March deadline for voting.

We invite your feedback on this award – do you have any further suggestions, for instance, a digital or hand-rendered categories?

Student results for AIP 25 will be announced shortly on a separate page.

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