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AIP 19 P to Z - The American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI)

architecture in perspective 18
awards of excellence

Major Awards
Awards of Excellence:

Jeff Pulford
Interface Multimedia
Project | Ellihgton Plaza
Architect | Torti Galas & Partners
Client | Donatelli & Klein
Media | Digital
Size | 18 x 24

Ron Rose
Art Associates, Inc.
Project | Moceri-Le Bear
Architect | Dominick Tringali Architects
Client | Communication Associates
Media | Digital Structure and Hand Painted Entourage
Size | 20in

Ronald Schatz
Image Grille
Project | The New York
Architect | Charles G. Woods, AIA
Client | Charles G. Woods, AIA
Media | Digital
Size | 18in x 24in

Mark Schreiber

Project | Princeton Welcome Center - Study
Architect | Mark Scheiber
Client |
Media | Watercolor
Size | 20in x 14in

Jeremy Siew
Neoscape, Inc.
Project | Caddy Farms
Architect | O'Sullivan Architects LLC
Client | Republic Properties
Media | Digital
Size | 56.88in x 36.54in

Rael Slutsky
Rael D. Slutsky & Associates, Inc.
Project | Gallery Addition for 'Sue' (T-Rex)
Architect | Vernon Williams
Client | Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
Media | Color Pencil and Felt Tip Pen
Size | 16in x 18in

Jeff Stikeman
Jeff Stikeman with Kent Duckham, Architect
Project | Private Residence
Architect | Jeff Stikeman
Client | Kent Duckham, Architect
Media | Prismacolor and Digital Editing
6in x 10in

Masaaki Yamada
Nikken Sekkei
Project | S Redevelopment Project
Architect | Nikken Sekkei
Client |
Media | Watercolor
Size | 16in x 10in

Sing Hwa Yip
A&R Architectural Rendering
Project | Remodeling of Williams-Sonoma Store
Architect | McCall Design Group
Client | Williams-Sonoma Store
Media | Watercolor
Size | 10in x 8.5in

John Zhang
Australian Illustration and Modeling Co. Pty Ltd
Project | ACI Appartment
Architect | Group GSA Pty Ltd
Client | ACI
Media | Digital
Size | 12.48in x 10.04in

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